KILLZONE 2: PS3’s Definitive Shooter

As the February 27th release date of KILLZONE 2 draws near, many FPS enthusiast are anticipating the release of what could possibly be the best shooter on the market. Today many gaming columns have praised KILLZONE 2 as graphically the best looking console shooter to date and I must say that after experiencing the beta and three levels of the single-player campaign, not only is KILLZONE 2 an incredible achievement from a technical stanpoint but there truly is nothing like it on the market today. Like the great shooters before it which have created their own identity by way of their atmosphere and style, KILLZONE 2 does this in an abundance. From the start the controls feel recognizable and smooth however, the weapons feel real with a true sense of weight attached to them and  eventhough KILLZONE 2 borrows some influences from other great shooters it never seems to escaoe it’s own identity. From the onslaught of Helghast soldiers trying to take your head off to the running to find any available cover, KILLZONE 2 grabs you immediately. KILLZONE 2 is shaping up to be one of the best shooter ever. For you viewing pleasure here are some videos from the campaign. Enjoy!

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