Was it me or did we not see any KILLLZONE 2 advertisement during the SUPERBOWL? Sony recently announced  that they would be initiating a KILLZONE 2 marketing blitz but I guess the Superbowl with all the blitz packages was enough as Sony definitely dropped the ball.


Please explain how Sony, who clearly struggled during the holidays with their exclusive software sales not utilize the Superbowl as a marketing platform, are you kidding me? The Arizona Cardinals took the Pittsburgh Steelers down to the wire in one of the most exciting Superbowl games in recent history yet Sony refused to take advantage of this global opportunity.

Not to sound like Sony needs to copy the actions of the competition but you can best believe that Microsoft would have taken full advantage of this opportunity. In fact you can bet you would have seen Halo ads high and low with Masterchief action sequences displaying him blowing through Covenant forces during the biggest NFL game of the season. Brand recognition only goes so far and Sony really needs to understand that. Sometimes going the extra mile is what’s needed when you’re eight millions consoles behind your nearest competition.

Even though KILLZONE 2 is on pace to register impressive sales for it’s February 27th release date,  there has been no real noticable marketing for this revolutionary title. Like a very successful maketing director once told me “There is no such thing as too much marketing.” Arrogance is a vey ugly trait and if you’re not hunble it can come back to bite you hard.

Sony get off your behinds and go the extra mile for your flagship titles. They deserve it.

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  • Ron

    I’m probably wrong but I think with today’s economy and the decline in profits, they felt Killzone was strong enough to stand on its on without using much needed funds.

  • You’re absolutely right! Today I confirmed with a GAMESTOP executive that KILLZONE 2 has over 1.5 millions pre-orders so far based on their numbers and AMAZON. At this rate KILLZONE 2 could probably double those numbers by launch. Unbelievable!

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