BIONIC COMMANDO: Receives Disappointing Reviews


Every since the initial announcement of the new BIONIC COMMANDO, fans of this age old series have been eagerly awaiting to see how Capcom and developer GRIN would graduate this series to the next-generation of consoles. Today everywhere you turn games releasing on multiplatform systems all look incredible and for the most part this is due to the available hardware today however, it also seems as though maybe a lot of short-cuts are being made just to get games that were once great out to eager fans. This writer isn’t bashing BIONIC COMMANDO just yet, a game must be completed first before judgment could be passed. Nevertheless, Metacritics most current review average for BIONIC COMMANDO of 69 out of 100 is a concern.

From as high as  82 to as low as 50, the recent reviews for BIONIC COMMANDO are all over the place. After reading the many reviews there seemed to be a rather consistent concern from among many review publications and a statement from Game Informer echoed it the best;

“It’s hard to forget the unresponsive controls, ludicrous story, and questionable combat encounters. The game is uneven and inconsistent enough to scare even eager fans who have patiently waited 20 years for another swing.”

Could this game offer a great game play experience? Maybe, depending on who you ask, hopefully not the better half of the current reviewers on Metacritic. Unfortunately as consumers knowing the price of new next-gen software, it would be a tough to commit on a purchase knowing  that over half of the 30 reviewers who scored this game rated it 70 or lower. As we know, reviewers can make or break a game and with all the high quality titles releasing today, development challenges  are tougher than ever before. Many BIONIC COMMANDO fans really had their hopes up for BIONIC COMMANDO however, at $60 with this resounding review average it is well understood why many fans are checking Blockbuster for  BIONIC COMMANDOS availability.

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