THE CONDUIT: The Ultimate FPS On The Wii


For the very few hardcore gamers who find no interest in owning the Wii due to it’s non-mature software approach, those times are rapidly changing. Today the Wii is home to an array of genre offerings where there is definitely something for everyone. Also, today many publishers and 3rd party developers are quickly jumping on Nintendo’s money train by creating exclusive Wii content and EA for example has swung for the fence by introducing EA Active Sports, Dead Space Extraction, and Grand Slam Tennis all for Wii.

Sega is another company that has supported the Wii from the beginning and has recently shown there latest Wii exclusive in the form of the higly anticipated first person shooter known as The Conduit. Sega’s new shooter truly looks amazing on the Wii. The Conduit looks like a great addition to the Wii library as Modern Warfare 2 and Devil May Cry 5 have also been speculated to arrive on the Wii in the near future. For more on The Conduit, be sure to check out the latest sreenshots and video below.

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I know, very Impressive indeed

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