SHADOW COMPLEX: Ushering In A New Level Of Side-Scroll Gameplay


With E3 ’09 behind us, ThEvolution Network has been going through some serious gaming withdrawals based on the plethora of hands-on gameplay experiences that were available of the event. There were many games that stood head and shoulders above the competition and from the games that were at our disposal, this writer never would have guessed that a XBLA or PSN only title would be able to create as much interest an anticipation as the well known titans that were scattered throughout the E3 floor. The amazingly talented developers from Epic Games definitely proved us wrong.

SHADOW COMPLEX, the new XBLA exclusive which was on display at the Microsoft booth quickly became a must have title as it offers a robust and incredibly fun game-play package. In SHADOW COMPLEX users take on the role of a hiker named Jason Fleming who is quickly thrown into a rescue attempt of his girlfriend Claire from the clutches of a group known as ‘Restoration’. As users progress through the game the real substance of the story is unfolded and Jason discovers that he is more than just a hiker as his new found abilities begin to enhance the gamplay.


While SHADOW COMPLEX is a side-scroll action adventure, it is quite obvious that Epic Games has pumped their new title full of steroids as the fun factor is completely off the charts. From our hands-on experience, SHADOW COMPLEX was a breathe of fresh air creating that old school Super Contra, Metal Slug meets Metal Gear and Bionic Commando feel. There was never an instance where the game felt gimmicky or forced, from the cover system and gunplay everything was spot-on. As we kept hogging up the 360 controller to continue playing this title it was apparent that SHADOW COMPLEX was must-buy 360 exclusive. Oh yes, we would purchase this title at $59.99, no question.

From the destructible environments to the great in-game cut-scene animations and awesome level-up abilities SHADOW COMPLEX can’t arrive soon enough.

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