CRACKDOWN 2: New Video Trailer & Developer Details


With the E3 showing of the new CRACKDOWN 2 trailer and the excitement that followed, news surfaced that developers Realtime Worlds of the original title would not be handling the sequel. With developer Realtime Worlds bumped out, the new development responsibilities for CRACKDOWN 2 have been handed over to Ruffian Games. Reasons for the developer changes are speculative however, to shed some positive light on the change in developers, Ruffian Games appears more than qualified to offer an over the top experience for CRACKDOWN 2 which is slated for a 2010 release.

Doubts concerning the new title can be laid to rest as many key contributors to the original title are back at the helm with Ruffian Games and just to name a few; Garth Noyce, Development Director with Ruffian Games has worked on FABLE 2 and the original Crackdown. Creative Director, Billy Thomson who has worked on both the original Grand Theft Auto and Gran Theft Auto 2 was Lead Designer on the original CRACKDOWN and lastly but definitely not least Lead Environment Artist, Stuart Campbell is back again to immerse us in the world of CRACKDOWN as he was the Senior Environment Artist who handled all aspects the environment creation on the original CRACKDOWN.

As Ruffian Games re-visits Pacific City in CRACKDOWN 2 we are excited to get our hands on this new title, hopefully sooner than later in the form of a demo. Be sure to check out the latest CRACKDOWN 2 video trailer;

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