Infamous To Defeat Prototype Despite Being An Exclusive

i-v-pUnnoficially, there has been battle between Prototype and Infamous due to their comparable supernatural-sandbox gameplay. The question is which one has a better chance of selling?

Here is how the analyst predict it;

According to EEDAR, the Radical Entertainment-developed Prototype is expected to outsell Infamous overall in units by about 90 percent — it launched on multiple platforms, while Infamous is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

But on the PS3 only, Sucker Punch’s Infamous is on track to sell 35 percent more units than Prototype in North America — and due to a longer sales curve for platform exclusives, Infamous could sell as much as 50 percent more than its rival on the PS3 platform.

“The Infamous vs. Prototype case study presents interesting data to publishers when considering the sales bump a title could receive by choosing exclusivity over a multiplatform release,” says Divnich.

The analyst added that total return-on-investment comparisons aren’t possible without details on additional royalties and costs Activision incurred by making Prototype a multiplatform release.


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