ThEvolution’s Retro Game for July: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

It is no secret that Michael Jackson is the most iconic and influential figures to ever grace God’s green earth. His music has touched fans from all walks of life (no pun intended), it was very unfortunate that he came to his demise earlier than anyone could ever expect. To honor the late great Michael Jackson (a.k.a The King Of Pop), ThEvolution Network has unanimously decided that July’s Retro game of the month would be no other than “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”.

The story derives from the 1988 movie Moonwalker, which of course starred Michael Jackson. Throughout the game, Michael utilizes his music and dance as a weapon to defeat criminals and rescue children from the hands of “Mr. Big” After rescuing all the children on each level, Bubbles(Michael’s Chimpanzee) will be magically carried to Michael where he will rest on his shoulders and point in the direction of the level’s boss battle. Michael’s trademarks are incorporated throughout the game, such as after every attack move he shouts “Woo!”, a common sound he made during performances. Also, this game incorporates synthesized versions of Michael’s hits such as “Beat it” and “Smooth Criminal”.

As for gameplay, it was mainly focused on rescuing children who resemble the character Katie from the “Moonwalker” movie. Michael’s Attacks resemble his signature dance movies (I.e., Spin and leg kick, Moonwalk). Also you are supplied with the health/ability, which can hurt and help simultaneously, for example when Michael does his patent spin as an attack he slowly begins to lose health. As a special move, if the player hold’s down the spin button for a long time then Michael will perform dance moves taken from film clips of whichever song is currently playing in the background.

Take a trip down memory lane.

There is no tribute that could fully honor the legacy of Mr. Michael Jackson but the good people here at ThEvolution Network believes that this is a good start.

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