MAG: Not Dropping Until 2010, Could It Be?


With so many highly anticipated titles being delayed until 2010 you have to begin to wonder who’s next. According to Gamefly and Gamestop
, MAG, the 256 player online shooter which is in development by Zipper Interactive, looks like it could also be on it’s way out of the 2009 Sony line-up. Both Gamestop and Gamefly have MAG listed as a January 2010 release title.

Of course much was said about Sony’s huge 2009 line-up due to the incredible list of exclusives and multiplatform titles at the start of the year. From GOD OF WAR III and HEAVY RAIN to BIOSHOCK 2, 2010 is looking more attractive to publishers and developers to get more of a return on their investment.

According to Kotaku
, Sony has yet to give an official release date for MAG and if the retailers know something we don’t then here’s to yet another PS3 exclusive taking out of our grasp until next year. We hope this isn’t the case.

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