UNCHARTED 2 Graphics Bordering On Photo-Realism


Recently posted by Examiner, the screenshots below represent two different realities. On the left you will find screenshots of the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and on the right, real life photos taken of Kathmandu.

From the screenshots shown, it is clear that developer Naughty Dog with their upcoming adventure has truly mastered the robust capabilities of the PS3. There is no denying that when compared side-by-side the UNCHARTED 2 screenshots below look almost photo-realistic and that says a lot about the hardware. After only two and half years, Sony’s PS3 has definitely redefined the way we experience next generation gaming. From titles like METAL GEAR SOLID 4 to the spectacular visual presentation of KILLZONE 2, and now UNCHARTED 2, the PS3 is consistently displaying why it is arguably the most technologically advanced gaming console on the market today.

Take a look at these screenshots below and you will be hard pressed to find many rivals.


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