WOLFENSTEIN: Exploding Onto Retail Shelves Aug 18th


For all you first person shooter fans who are eager to get your hands on another shooter with hopes that it could possibly take your mind off Modern Warfare 2 for a little while, your prays might just might be answered with the upcoming FPS know as WOLFENSTEIN. This new title is schedule for release August 18th, 2009 and has been in development by publisher/developer Activision/Raven Software/id Software.

WOLFENSTEIN is the sequel to the acclaimed 2001 shooter ‘Return To Castle Wolfenstein’. WOLFENSTEIN places the player behind the enemy lines of Germany where Nazi experiments along with technological advances are manipulated to dictate World War II. WOLFENSTEIN is loaded with espionage, exploration, and of course tons of actions. Like the original ‘Return To Castle Wolfenstein’, this sequel is expected to deliver a similar experience where players are initially introduced to a well told story on a common battlefield that eventually metamorphosis into a wild ride, one you will not soon forget.


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