It’s OFFICIAL: GOD OF WAR Collection Coming To Blu-ray This Holiday

This announcement by Sony is truly music to the ears of millions of gamers who now will be able to experience the incredible adventures of Kratos on the PS3. A survey held by Sony earlier this year asking for gamer input has finally become a reality with this latest announcement.

Sony will not only allow PS3 users the ability to unleash the fury of Kratos in the form of GOD OF WAR & GOD OF WAR 2, but hardcore fans and newcomers to this amazing franchise will be able to experience them both on blu-ray in 720p HD form.

Playstationblog write;

Both titles have been remastered with anti-aliased graphics, running at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience, only on the PS3 system. Additionally, the Blu-ray Disc compilation will bring the PlayStation Network (PSN) trophy support to the franchise for the very first time.

Regardless of the lack backward compatibility, bringing one of their largest PS2 franchises to the PS3 on the blu-ray format with the recent PS3 price drop and GOD OF WAR 3 just around the corner, Sony is doing an amazing job making the PS3 irresistible.

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