LOST PLANET 2: Exclusive Demo Content Coming To PSN Sept 24th

Exclusive LOST PLANET 2 demo content will be arriving on PSN this month. According to the PlaystationBlog this new content will be available for download starting the first day of the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

PlaystationBlog writes;

Beginning September 24, PS3 owners will not only be able to engage in the frantic battle against the enormous G-Type Akrid, the boss Akrid of the episode 1, but will also get the exclusive experience of two additional missions in an online co-operative extermination of the Akrid of E.D.N. III.

Capcom is also releasing the newest trailer on PSN the same day as the Lost Planet 2 demo. Previously only having shown the jungle and city environments, the new TGS trailer gives you a glimpse of the new desert environment and even bigger Akrid than seen before.

Lost Planet 2 is the 2nd chapter of Capcom’s space adventure which is set on the same E.D.N III planet as the original. This time around instead of traversing an abundance of snowy environments, now the snow has slowly started to melt away, leaving a world of jungles and other such environments for gamers to explore. Lost Planet 2 looks to focus the majority of it’s gameplay style around a robust 4-player cooperative experience and PS3 users will be able to get a healthy dose of it in the coming weeks.

Check out the latest PS3 screenshots of LOST PLANET 2,


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