GOD OF WAR III Demo Coming With GOD OF WAR Collection This Holiday

This holiday season is only looking brighter for the Sony camp as today Sony has announced that a playable GOD OF WAR III demo will be coming with the GOD OF WAR Collection.

PlaystationBlog writes;

Coming this fall, we are happy to announce to fans that God of War Collection will include the long-awaited God of War III E3 2009 Demo. Each copy of God of War Collection will include a voucher code that can be redeemed through PlayStation Network on the day of purchase. This is your chance to experience God of War III before it hits store shelves March 2010.

This new announcement has taken the GOD OF WAR Collection from exciting to epic must-buy status. With the recent PS3 price drop it is going to be interesting to see how rapid this epic collection flies off retail shelves.

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