DARKSIDERS Gets A Release Date

Finally the gates of heaven have been opened an one of the four horseman known as WAR is expected to ascend to earth on January 5 in the North America, January 7 in Europe, and January 8 in Australia. DARKSIDERS, the new highly anticipated multiplatform title by Vigil Games/THQ which from our extensive hands-on experience at E3 09 offers a fresh new story of heaven and hell with earth placed right at the heart of the battle.

You’ll immediately discover that DARKSIDERS has been largely influenced by many great titles such as Devil May Cry, God Of War and also the old school classic Castlevania which is definitely not a bad thing. So while the game may not feel incredibly original, taking control of the main protagonist named WAR does have an awesome feel to it.

Be sure to check out this walkthrough footage which briefly explains the premise to this hot new title:

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