GOD OF WAR III & DISTRICT 9 Coming Together On One Blu-ray Disc

The first of it’s kind, come December 29 the highly anticipated last chapter in the God Of War series in the form of a demo and one of this summers most talked about movies known as District 9 will be forged together on one blu-ray disc. As most hardcore gamer know, the God Of War III demo will also be available in November as it will come offered with the upcoming God Of War Collection bundle featuring both God Of War & God Of War II running in 720p HD.

This new hybrid disc will be the first time both a movie and game will be offered on one blu-ray disc. Also as an added feature for Kratos fan like myself, those that complete the demo will be able to unlock the exclusive making of God of War III featurette. Very cool indeed!

With the so many upcoming PS3 exclusives on the horizon, it is going to be interesting to see what other hybrid discs Sony has up their sleeve.



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