MAG Beta 4 Coming At You Today

Stop making excuses that the levels are too big and stop asking why are there so many players online. If you’re intimidated by the fact that a sniper can and will kill you from a billion kilometers away then we believe you need to spend your time playing something less violent with guns like Duck Hunt. MAG is definitely for the strong trigger finger happy hardcore gamers who can take orders and are all about teamwork and completing the objective.

Today the next phase of the beta is coming at you with beta 4. There has literally been thousands of changes made to enhance the MAG experience from the new proximity chat feature which allows players to hear the communication of the enemy as you get closer to an improved ranking system.

If you have not yet experienced the MAG beta please remember that it ends November 20 so head on over to your local GameStop and pre-order the game an get a copy of the beta, you will not be disappointed.

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