60% Xbox 360 Failure Rate In Britain

We were under the impression that this issue was addressed however, according to a study done by CNET the situation is still pretty ugly in Britain.

Kotaku writes:

1,128 gamers were polled (note: it was a self-selected survey, not a blind study), with 562 owning an Xbox 360, 473 having a PS3 and 591 a Wii. Obviously, some respondents owned more than one console.

The results found that a crushing 60% of 360s had died, while only 16% of PS3s and 6% of Wiis had suffered the same fate. Even worse was the rate of repeat failure: of those who have reported a busted console, 32% say it’s happened more than once, with 19% saying it’s broken three times or more.

With the possibility that many repaired Xbox 360 consoles are being re-sold to consumers, it’s probably safe to assume that this large number of re-sold consoles may carry a significant amount of weight into the worldwide sales figures.

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