ALAN WAKE Preview Update

When will ALAN WAKE be officially announced is a question many Xbox 360 fanboys are hoping to have answered sometime before second coming of Christ. ALAN WAKE has been in development for over five years now and with the current software gaming climate, Xbox 360 enthusiast are hoping to get their hands on some new exclusives and fast.

ALAN WAKE is about a writer who is a best-selling author who visit the peaceful town of Bright Falls where he can get away and deal with the loss of his late fiancee. Unfortunately this so-called reflective vacation quickly turns into an intense psychological thriller.

According to 1up, ALAN WAKE developer Remedy is now able to offer up some game play details about some of the game’s key features, such as how the light and dark mechanics work.

“Light and darkness, a central theme in the fiction of Alan Wake,” says lead writer Sam Lake. “Darkness is the enemy; it represents terror, danger, and nightmares. Light is your ally; it represents the waking world, sanity, and safety.”

Some Key Point:

“The darkness protects those that it possesses. They cannot be harmed with conventional methods before the protecting dark presence has been destroyed with light. In some cases, the possession is so strong that the dark presence regenerates in darkness, and you have to keep your light on them long enough without interruptions to be able to destroy it”

“One of the game’s many flashlights may be bright enough to remove the darkness from a human enemy, the amount of light needed for larger subjects will scale with their physical size. According to Remedy, Wake will find himself in the midst of a “surreal bullfight” with possessed farm equipment during at least one point in the game.”

“More than half of the game will take place at night, but the daytime segments also hold a lot of significance, and most of the game’s “episodes” — inspired by television serial dramas like Twin Peaks and Lost — will include both daytime and nighttime gameplay.”

For more on ALAN WAKE head over to 1up for the full written preview.

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