KILLZONE 2: One Of The Most Innovative Shooters Ever

There really is no argument about which shooter this generation is the most sought after. After recording record breaking sales, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has easily become King Of The Hill in this department and while the game offers one of the best online experiences around, the question could be asked, what has Modern Warfare 2 done for the genre from an innovative standpoint?

Looking at some of the amazing shooters this generation from the likes of Bioshock, Gears Of War 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, Ghost Recon 2, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Resistance 2 and HALO 3 just to name a few, while they all offer a great experience, it seems quite clear the developers of these standout shooters have not influenced their contemporaries quite as noticeable as Guerrilla Games. The developers of what can be easily recognized as the greatest shooter to grace the Playstation platform, Killzone 2 seems to have taking the first person shooter experience in a new direction.

Boasting the most advanced graphical presentation of any shooter this generation on consoles, Killzone 2 has also ushered in new a ways in which we play shooters today. Despite receiving rave reviews from the gaming community with an average overall rating of 91% out of 100 by Metacritic, some laid claim that Killzone 2 while pretty just doesn’t bring anything new to the table, however our current and future shooter experiences beg to differ.


Killzone 2 offers a robust online package allowing players to rank up an unlock new badges or player characters. One player badge in particular The Engineer sports a upgradable shotgun for stronger burst over greater distances while having ability to set up unmanned gun turrets which can placed anywhere on the multiplayer map which enables the player the ability to be in two places at one time.

Infinity Ward has also implemented this ability in Modern Warfare 2. The difference however is that Modern Warfare 2 makes the player literally carry around a gold reflecting gun  turret. If you see this turret anywhere on the map get out of the way fast. 


When it was first introduced that Killzone 2 would offer an all-new cover system keeping the player in the first person perspective it seemed extremely foreign and unexpected. However, after traversing through the relentless universe of Killzone 2 it was clear Guerrilla Games wanted the user to always feel apart of the battle.

Now it appears Bethesda Studios will also take a stab at the Killzone 2 introduced first person cover perspective for their upcoming shooter BRINK releasing sometime in third quarter 2010 which looks very promising. See video at 2:08 for first person cover.


By adding the ability to respawn to practically any location on a multiplayer map for both you and your teammates, Guerrilla Games has created multiplayer experiences that can never be too one-sided. In fact if your team is getting over-run by the enemy a well placed respawn grenade can definitely change the tide of a battle.

Modern Warfare 2 now offers the ability to respawn at locations where flares are have been placed however, only the player who sets the respawn position can utilize the respawn. Infinity Ward has definitely been taking notes.


One of the most significant aspects to the Killzone 2 multiplayer experience is the dynamic matches where multiple game types are played in a single round. Bodycount, Search & Retrieve, Capture & Hold, Search & Destroy an so on can all be played in one round keeping players on their toes.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Infinity Ward has also implemented this form of multiplayer medley which is known as MoshPit in Modern Warfare 2 . Not that this is a popular option in Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has nonetheless added this feature to their multiplayer list of options.

Today many talented development teams are hard at work implementing new and innovative ways in which we can experience their games and every once in a while something innovative comes along that scratches the surface of revolutionary. Killzone 2 has not only become the graphical benchmark for today’s shooters, it has also introduced new an innovative ways in which first person shooters are being played and will be played in the near future.

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  • Entei

    I moderately agree with the title but your points were pathetic :s Why is this even up…

  • Brian

    Oh yeah, that mobile turret is sure innovative. Not like Team Fortress had one before it or anything. no sir.

  • LOL

    You’re about a year late, and everything mentioned in your article has been done before.


  • DOOMtrooper

    perfect dark zero had mobile turrets too.. as well as a cover system.. it was 3rd person and poorly implemented but it was there..

  • David Macphail

    Good article, Killzone 2 will always be remembered for it’s unequaled graphics but it did bring a lot of new things to the table as well and deserves credit for that.

  • neversawthestars

    I agree about kz2 being the first with the 1st person cover and multiplayer spawn points. But team fortress on the orange box did do the gun turrents and resistance 2 already did a multiplayer medly if i remember correctly. The game however was a really sleek and fun game. XD if i were the writer id have mentioned the mass environmental kills that could be had in the southern hills map or the moving train wasteland map with some unique enviro kills. Albeit they were dlc but correct me if im wrong, but i dont recall any other FPS that did anything like that.

  • killkool

    Best console fps ever, no discussion.

    but only for skilled people online.

  • Mark

    This HAS to be a joke, good God…

    Kill yourself…

  • In fact Team Fortress was the first game I can recall which initially implemented mobile gun torrets so I definitely stand corrected however @ Neverswathestars you make an interesting point about the multiplayer level designs which offered environmental kills. This is another innovative way in which KILLZONE 2 has managed to separate itself form the pack.

    From the customizable multiplayer badges which allows players to the ability to actually create their own sort of custom killing machine, the much needed FPS cover system to the ability to throw out respawn grenades anywhere on the multiplayer maps allowing for transitional firefights (not just one-sided matches) and the ability to cloak for complete invisibility the game is not just a graphical marvel.

  • jj

    best shooter out there. you made me feel like pasing this game again.

  • valleyshrew

    The moshpit mode is nothing like killzone2’s. Pretty much every multiplayer game lets you play a variety of modes in the same server, call of duty’s selecting a mode first is not the original way of doing it. Killzone2’s is unique because it does not change map, it keeps the scoreboard etc.

  • anon

    This article is biased and amateurish at best. Please leave writing to professionals and people with an IQ higher than a speed bump. Thank you.

  • Another point I would have hit on is the realistic feel of weight and momentum that your character and weapons have, which no other game has been able to replicate yet. STALKER is the only thing that’s come close. I notice BRINK trying to add that feeling of weight and momentum, but it looks rediculous the way the weapons are bouncing around in that. It looks like Killzone 2 at 4 times speed.

    The performance of each weapon in KZ2 is also quite realistic compared to anything else. CoD4-MW2 features the LMG being one of the best sniper rifles in the game, LOL…..yea, cuz THAT’S realistic. Try sniping with the LMG in Killzone 2. NOT gonna happen…..and that’s how it should be. Also speaking about sniping…..KZ2 has imo, the best sniper rifle gunplay in gaming. Spot on.

    I also think Killzone 2 has the best clan/tourney system of any shooter thus far. The only thing from another game I wish KZ2’s clan system had, is the “clan insignia” tool of GRAW2.

    The only thing Killzone 2 is missing to be the absolute perfect FPS for me is online co-op. At least 2 player and preferably 4 player. The campaign seemed perfectly set-up for it too. I was highly disappointed it never came out at least as DLC. I would have gladly paid like $15 for it without even thinking twice. Aside from that, Killzone 2 is an absolute FPS Masterpiece. For me nothing’s even close to matching up to it as yet or upcoming.

  • saminseattle

    I can’t think of another game with a 1st. person cover system, at least not a successful one as Killzone2, but I do know some of the other things you mentioned have been in games in the past. Your most appreciated mentioning would have to be ” dynamic multiplayer medley ” which was my favorite part of Killzone2.

  • dude…wtf? as stated, Team Fortress 2 had the turret, Battlefield had spawn on teammates, and come on, this game is just as influential as CoD is, which is very little. The real influential thing was the multiplayer medley as you say, which I am serious is a cool feature, but this game is not so influential. In my eyes, as well as many others, while Killzone 2 is fun, it is mostly eye candy.

  • Why are people ignoring the fact that R2 had your “DYNAMIC MULTIPLAYER MODES” first

  • gtamike

    The animation when you shoot someone is really next gen, even pc games don’t have animation like. Really the most real movments i’ve seen when buttlets are fired at someone. (single player mode)

  • cell989

    Yeah the writer definitely forgot to mention environmental kills. Although the class system was in previous games, Killzone 2 perfected the balance between each class, from weapons, to abilities, to skills, and equipment. The FP cover system IS in fact innovative, since no other game has ever offered a true FPS covering system, we’ve seen FP to 3rdP but thats not the same.

    Lets not forget the accuracy of the guns, Ive played lots of games and none offer the same realistic recoil, and bullet physics as Killzone 2. In COD games, a forsaken SMG or a LMG can be a sniper too. In Killzone too, spraying will make you loose complete control of a weapon, and every single bullet you punch into a foe has a realistic effect. Plus you get this sense of WEIGHT when you move and reload a weapon, none of that floaty UFO crap we experience in other games.

    Another awesome feature I liked was the way you handle a sniper rifle, since it really does depend on you to stabilize every shot, by keeping your controller firm and tight.. In other games, the system decides when you can have accuracy, or when the scope will shake on you.

    If we get technical, well than the animations were awesome too, like I said everything you do to your foes count, from a bullet to the right-lower waist to an explosion by a granade, this game does it better than any other FPS on consoles out there. Than you add 32ply multiplayer all while keeping the same fidelity of the graphics as the campaign.

    Oh and the Mech was awesome, I wish we had more of that, or maybe have it on multiplayer in Killzone 3.

  • ColdFire

    HA HA HA

    This can be disproved using basically one game.

    Turrets, TF2 and BF2142 both have an Engineer class that deploys turrets, so Killzone 2 is a straight copy. Except that the TF2 turrets are way more interesting being upgradable and all.

    First person cover, yes…sort of, give you that one 🙂 (Except for all the games that have lean, which is a LOT)

    Hey remember BF2142, remember how you could spawn on control points, bases, squad leaders, some vehicles, and, wait, mobile deployable beacons! Yes, Killzone 2 was really ahead of the game.

    As for the last, right, with the exception of every game with dedicated servers (once more a LOT).

    Sorry, this article is an embarrassment. I will give the the graphics thing…one consoles of course. But, Halo did more for FPS’s, and I HATE HALO with a passion.

  • Axe99

    This is a good article in spirit, although some of the detail isn’t quite up to snuff (turrets in Team Fortress being the big and obvious one, and covered off above) – I remember reading the KZ2 reviews and hearing about it bringing nothing new to the table, then playing the game and wondering whether the reviewers had actually done more than read the press release. Didn’t bother me though, I had a blast. One of the things I really enjoyed about KZ2 was the sense of weight, which was also fairly innovative. It turned a lot of CoDDers off, but it gave the game a much grittier, immersive feel, which I haven’t seen anywhere else (although there are so many shooters out there I’m not claiming this is the first time it was done).

    Fortunately, it sold well enough (it’s close to or over 2 million now) to get a sequel – so if the CoD crowd want to stick to CoD “shoot and giggles” (CoD’s a great game, but the unlocks and killstreaks make it horribly unbalanced, and the speed you move and aim at mean it really is an arcade shooter in the truest sense of the word – easily the best available, and one of my fave online games, but it doesn’t have the ‘grit’ and, from my perspective, depth, of KZ2) it’s all good :).

  • Dmason

    Killzone 2 is about as innovative as a rock. Sure it may have been pretty, but that’s about it. No epic set pieces, no character development, lackluster levels, and forgettable multiplayer. Try playing a KZ2 match right now, it’s a ghost town. Lame article, but it sure made the PS3 fanboys feel good about themselves.

  • @ Dmason, wow tell us how you really feel. Not to try and change your outlook of KILLZONE 2 because of course we are all entitled to our own opinion however, the game a great achievement. When you begin to see other titles implementing a particular games features in different ways you cannot ignore that games influences. KILLZONE 2 has been out for almost a year now a people are still playing the so-called forgettable multiplayer. Many times when people make over the top comments about a game as well polished as KILLZONE 2 sometimes it’s to due to a titles exclusivity. There is no denying that KILLZONE 2 is clearly one of the best shooters this generation.

  • Axe99

    Dmason, your comment only makes you look inexperienced. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but sometimes if you’re not full-bottle on what you’re talking about, it can be safer to learn a bit before talking ;). I’ve been playing shooters since the original Commando back in the 1980s (aye, since they were sprites, and 3D was out of the processing power of all but the highest-powered arcade machines) – and KZ2 _is_ innovative, and the only barrier to entry to the multiplayer was the realistic weight to movement and weapon handling. I’ve gamed with a lot of people, and the _only_ reason people I knew didn’t get into it was because they weren’t able to cope with moving away from the arcade model. Now there’s nothing wrong with this, but saying KZ2 is a rubbish game because it’s different isn’t exactly the strongest argument ;).

    I’ll grant you that character development was close to non-existent, but that could equally be levelled at about 90% of shooters out there (and there was some, but it was pretty average). The levels were good fun as well – the colour palette was very grey, but the actual geometric design was great – variety, verticality, as well as a few different options as to how you could tackle situations. And the AI was the bomb. It also did have some great set pieces. And there are still games on all the time – not sure which KZ2 you’re trying to play online, but I fired it up for old-times sake the other day and jumped straight into a 15 v 15 game ;). And that’s at Australian gaming times too, so far from peak worldwide times. Hell, our clan still gets together for the odd clan match from time-to-time, and we sure appreciate the flexibility in setting up clan games that just isn’t there in most other shooters.

  • name

    what was so innovative about KZ2?
    the only things that could be remotely called innovative were the FPS cover big whoop!
    and the gameplay changes in MP that i have to admit was really cool.
    KZ2 really needs some more variety, every level feels like a replay of the last level.
    it got so boring so fast.
    the story is all over the place.
    and the friendly AI is as dumb as bat shit.
    go to the last level, second wave just before you fight raddec.
    walk up the stairs on the left, take cover make sure ricco takes cover nearest to the stairs next to you.
    watch enemies walk up the stairs and shoot him and ricco just stands there.
    no wonder i was having to constantly revive him every 10 seconds.
    i wish EA and criterion would wake the fuck up and make another BLACK.
    that was the best FPS ever released, and till they go back and do a new one i doubt something will take its place.
    well thats till half life 2 episode 3 releases, obviously.
    but by the time thats out, my great gran kids are going to have great gran kids.
    so for now im in the merciful hands of EA.
    suddenly i feel so dirty!

  • Dirk

    I would say Killzone 2 is an FPS that defined what can be accomplished and genre defining on the Playstation 3. Trying to say it beats every other FPS on all platforms is nonsense. When trying to compare an exclusive game for the same type of game on another platform it may be an Apples to Apples comparison, but you’re comparing Red Apples to Green Apples, as opposed to Apples to Oranges, which makes it a matter of preference.

  • @Dirk, I agree no single FPS can be considered the overall best by no stretch of the imagination. And as you stated it is all a matter preference.

  • Bill D

    Killzone 2 is much better online than MW2 because it has 32 players online as apposed to 12 and also K2 has dedicated servers.

  • Lee

    I really enjoyed Killzone 2 and have been a fan of the franchise since the first, but this article is simply ridiculous. Yes, you do highlight some interesting features Killzone 2 has brought to the table, but they are completely pathetic justification for your bold statement of “One Of The Most Innovative Shooters Ever”.

    I know small websites like to make articles that are going to hit the front page on N4G. But if you ever want to gain any respect besides the fanboys you should start acting professional and cut the stupid articles like this.

  • Davide

    I have been playing a lot of COD lately and it just makes me miss KZ2. I am not saying that it is better for everyone but I loved the class system, i loved being able to group into squads in a 15 v 15 map (i dont know of another game that does that, we R2 does i guess). I love being able to spawn next to squad leaders and not having to run all the way across a map. I love (and i think its pretty innovative) being able to save team mates from dying (even if it looks cheezy) and getting points for it. I absolutely love playing the 7 different game types on the same map as one game. Mosh pit is a poor derivative of that. So is the useless tactical flare, really who is going to give up their grenades for that? Anyway, if kz2 is not revolutionary it is unique in the way that it puts all of those elements in a game and makes it work. It is also one of the most balanced shooters i have played.

    MW2 is really struggling with balance right now with the Javelin people, and the knifers and the duel wielding sawed off shotguns.

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