GOD OF WAR III: New Images To Make The Wait More Unbearable

Unfortunately Sony did not unveil their latest God Of War III gameplay footage, however we are given some screenshots from the recent New York showing. From the looks of these new images, the scale of the titans which Kratos will traverse is simply staggering.

To say that March can’t get here fast enough is an understatement to say the least. Sony Santa Monica Studios it appears will be offering a dynamic gameplay element to God Of War III which differs from the first two games in the franchise. As you look at these images you will notice that Kratos and the scale of the titan Gaia are in focus in order to give that OMG! effect (yes it is definitely working). As you battle the minions of the gods you will also have to hang on for dear life and make your way through the unforgiving obstacles of the titans themselves as the titans climb mount olympus.

God Of War III is going to be an unforgettable roller coaster ride.


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