Half-Minute Hero: Demo Announced As Game Goes Gold

Clock-challenging RPG to hit shelves bang on time as anticipation hots up for Rising Star Games’ bright new addition. Still not sure Half-Minute Hero’s for you? Then fill your boots with some free RPG action as Rising Star Games has announced you’ll be able to download a playable ‘Hero Mode’ demo of the game on 4th February, via the PlayStation Network.

The demo boasts a selection of missions from the final game, each showcasing a different type of challenge from this innovative quick-fire RPG. The full game is on track to hit retail on 12th February 2010, exclusively on PSP.

“We’re really excited about the release of Half-Minute Hero, truly the most innovative game on the PSP today,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “Those who can’t wait until launch day should head to the PlayStation Network to download a demo of Half-Minute Hero, which contains three exciting levels from the game.

“It has an unrivalled sense of humour, while managing to seriously suck you in with its old-school visuals and absorbing gameplay – as soon as you put it down you’ll be thinking about the next opportunity to level up”.

Consistently praised by critics around the world, Half-Minute Hero has generated average review scores of 84% on Metacritic and 85% on GameRankings, and the European release is destined to further swell these ratings.

Again the Half-Minute Hero Hero Mode demo will be available for download from the PlayStation Network on 4th February. The full version of the games launches a week later on 12th February.

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