IGN: Not So Professional After All


So IGN has officially claimed that MASS EFFECT 2 is the better gaming experience over the 2009 Game Of The Year Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

After laying claim to the most coveted video game honor and receiving rave reviews from the video games press it seems IGN has wasted no time trying to throw the development efforts Naughty Dog under the bus. In a recent post by IGN’s Greg Miller, the writer felt inclined to bring his personal opinions to work in his recent post comparative entitled “PS3 Perspective: Mass Effect 2 is Better than Uncharted, Deal with it, fanboy.”

Yes, integrity is in question as Mr. Miller has officially crossed the line that so called “real video game journalist” should not cross. Even though Mr. Miller is respectfully entitled to his opinion it should never be expressed under the umbrella of IGN due to their brand influence.

Despite IGN’s written reviews which are based on the experience and opinion of the individual which are widely accepted, it ultimately leaves the readers with a decision to make. However, this written comparative by IGN unfortunately pulls them down into the gutter of fanboy sewage clearly displaying their tarnished armor.

“The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don’t know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it.” – Greg Miller, IGN

Now isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?

Whether MASS EFFECT 2 is better than Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a decision the gaming community must lay claim to. When article pieces like these are written by the IGN’s of the world it stirs up speculation on whether or not certain console manufacturers are shaking hands with industry leading video game media platforms in order to push sales.

Mr. Miller, in the future let’s just try to be professionals and leave our fanboy opinions at home.

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  • alex c

    mass effect is just another shitty pc game from ea, that will be forgotten in a year . or les..

    it has lame mechanics…..and lame layout weapons select everything screams last gen with last gen and a halfish graphics , its old , tired, and basically an role playing game, not a shooter….its all about collecting stuff…..and points, to go to the shop and buy a better gun/sword/upgrade ,..u get the idea…like wow….with beter graphics admittedly. how boring though….collect ‘items’ surely not…….surely its not the main point of the game…but yes,,, yes,, this is soo lame and its been done on pc..for years…get with the times…..and stop being pushed lame games.

    uncharted 2 was built for a console, from the ground up, for ps3, is way better than masseffect in every possible way, its got adventure and platforming, something masseffect has >? NO the ONLY thing massefect does beter is sci-fi guns and thats cos’ uncharted 2 isnt sci-fi.

    u can explore collect treasure if you want…platform if you want, or shoot mainly, or rip turret guns, or snipe..everything a shooter does…with platforming..

    masseffect is everythng a shoter does….with rpg…

    no piss off and go play your – -collet em up’ ea and masseffect fans…..go away

    il only buy ea dice….or the ea big/freestyleee games….they are fun…fun..get it…

    ohh..no ..u………dont do u

  • alex c

    bleep out the first swear word sorry..stand by my points though…

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