CRACKDOWN 2 Coming June 11th

The highly anticipated sandbox action title known as Crackdown 2 now has an official launch date of June 11th as Microsoft has recently revealed.

Pre-order incentives are also in full effect. When you pre-order Crackdown 2 you will have exclusive access to four Agency-Issued armour suits coming in distinct style: Blue Metal, Red, Gold and Brushed.

The sequel is set some ten years after the first instalment, placing the player as another genetically-modified agent sent out onto the streets of Pacific City. The once-bustling metropolis has been ravaged by infection and the ongoing struggle for power over the city’s inhabitants. The player returns to fight off hordes of Freaks following their accidental release into the populace and regain control of the City from the hands of The Cell – a powerful terrorist organisation fighting to overthrow the Agency.

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