GOD OF WAR III Ultimate Edition Already Sold Out At Amazon

You’re probably thinking, ‘isn’t the GOW III: Ultimate Edition $99.99?’ You are absolutely correct, however, that doesn’t matter as hardcore fans of this series are making sure nothing limits their GOD OF WAR experience. If you were planning on ordering the Ultimate Edition from Amazon.com you are out of luck.

Nevertheless many in-store retailer would be more than glad to take your Ultimate Edition pre-order in order to reserve your copy. Also, as PSXExtreme points out, you are more than able to still utilize Amazon.com by pre-ordering the standard edition of the game as well.

With only 28 days until release, the excitement for this early Game Of The Year contender is truly out of control and if you’ve ever played any of the games in the series you should understand why. For more GOD OF WAR content be sure to head over to the official GOD OF WAR III website.

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