GOD OF WAR III: Premiere Blowout Footage From Gametrailers

Forget what you think you know about high-end graphical fidelity. In fact, do yourself a favor and forget about the experience you may have had with the God Of War III E3 demo, it does not scratch the surface of what you will see in this latest episode of GTTV with Geoff Keighley as they head into Santa Monica Studios to bring us some never-before-seen footage of God Of War III.

Like myself, you will probably hear this little voice in your head saying “This is CG footage, when are they going to show some real gameplay?” Please understand that you are not alone, however everything you see in this video is 100% real gameplay. I personally did not believe we would get to this level of visual gameplay during this generation of consoles and yet I sit here still trying to take it all in as a reality.

Be sure to watch the complete episode as the God Of War III footage continues throughout the entire video. There will be other games announced but do yourself a favor continue watching, it gets better and better.

Waiting until March 16th is officially torture!

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