Platinum Games Utilizing The PS3 As Lead Platform For “VANQUISH”

It appears the days of PS3 user experiencing poor ports from Platinum Games is over as Sega and Platinum Games were found in Tokyo displaying their latest action-shooter known as Vanquish running on the PS3. As many of you already know from the their last action title, Bayonetta on the PS3, the overall quality of the game was unfortunately far inferior to it’s 360 counterpart due to the fact that the 360 version was developed internally at Platinum Games while SEGA ported the game over to the PS3.

Now According to 1up, Platinum Games has officially stated that they are developing Vanquish on both platforms while utilizing the PS3 hardware as the lead platform.

“We’re leading development on PS3,” said Vanquish director Shinji Mikami. “Obviously each console has its own unique requirements and limitations, but we feel if we can create a good enough presentation on PS3, we’ll be off to a good start.”

Currently there is no word on when development on PC will begin as 1up points out that Platinum Games is mainly focusing their development efforts on the PS3 and 360

Vanquish is scheduled for release later 2010.


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