DYNASTY WARRIORS: Strikeforce DLC Given Away For Free

TECMO KOEI EUROPE heralds the arrival of all new Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce downloadable content as a thank you to fans over the forthcoming Easter period.

One piece of content will be given away on Xbox 360 each week until the middle of April as thanks to the thousands of people who have bought Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. Featuring three new missions and a new challenge in every pack, the Easter gift DLC will give fans of the series hours more game time to enjoy while feasting on their chocolate eggs!

“Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce has been a tremendous success for us at Tecmo Koei Europe, so we wanted to give something back to the fans this Easter”, said Will Curley, VP Sales & Marketing. “From the Battle of Tong Gate, to the epic Defense of Yi, we want players to engage with Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce over the Easter break, and free weekly content is a great way of saying thank you.’

Content for the Xbox 360 will be released on the following days;

Pack 1 – 4th March
Pack 2 – 18th March
Pack 3 – 1st April
Pack 4 – 15th April

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