GOD OF WAR III Selling 550,000 Copies On Day One In The U.S.

It seems Kratos in his latest megaton action hit has come out with a BANG as VGChartz reports on the latest sales numbers.

VGChartz writes;

Following news of over 450,000 pre-orders earlier in the week, preliminary day one data is in and God of War III should outperform God of War II (released on PS2 in March 2007) by 20-30%. With over 450,000 units sold on day one, week one sales should be in the range of 650,000 – 700,000 units compared to 540,000 sold for God of War II in week one.

Update – with more data now coming in, day one sales look closer to 550,000 units than the original estimate of 450,000 units. With continued strong sales through the week, week one in the Americas should be over 800,000 units and a further 400,000+ units are expected across Europe following indications of a strong launch today so week one estimates should be well clear of 1 million units and maybe as high as 1.3-1.4 million. We will have preliminary week one data early next week.

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  • r2deuce

    Thats just crazy. I will be getting mine tomorrow

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