Looking Forward To E3 2010

Slowly but surely E3 2010 is creeping upon us and I can’t wait. Being from Los Angeles, I have always felt there was no excuse for not attending E3 and I still feel this way today. E3 is considered by many as the most important event the video game industry has to offer annually and I would have to agree. This years E3 will be very interesting and unlike any other because of where we are at with the current video game systems.

The PS3, Xbox360, and Wii are having a longer life cycle then in the past. Usually after about 3 years into a video game’s system life cycle we start to hear and see the next evolution of said system. This is not true this time around. What we will see at this year’s E3 is the evolution of ‘gaming interaction’ in the form of Project Natal for the Xbox 360, Playstation Move for the PS3, and of course the Nintendo Wii, which started all of this ‘evolved interaction’

Do hardcore gamers really want to stand up and jump up and down to play their games? Or is this a case of ‘follow the leader’ by Sony and Microsoft in an attempt to capture the success that Nintendo has created with the Wii? I personally am a fan of ‘sit down’ play. Call me lazy but I just feel like the act of waving my arms around in space will, ironically, take away the immersion that is suppose to be greater with this new type of control. I can’t see playing a game like Ghost Recon or God of War standing up and using my arms to simulate holding a gun or throwing a killing blow.

On the other hand (no pun intended), holding a controller while sitting down puts me more in a concentrated state while playing a video game. My mind and vision is locked into what I am seeing on the screen and I am controlling my actions almost instinctively and unknowingly with a traditional controller. I am fully immersed.

Some would say that I am old fashioned and that Project Natal and Playstation Move are the future of video gaming. They could be right, and if so, then hoorayyy because at the end of the day video games are all about having fun, that’s why I play. I just feel the only way gamers will put down the traditional controller in favor of a new form of interaction, companies will have to create technology similar to that seen in the movie Avatar by James Cameron. I guess we’ll will have to wait for E3 3010 for that to happen. Peace.

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