E3 2010: Sniper: Ghost Warrior – The Ultimate Sniper Shooter Has Arrived!

Ever since the days of Sniper Elite, a last-generation shooter for the original Xbox and PS2 back in 2005, shooter fans have been waiting for a game that not only immersed them into a world of military realism but a realism solely based from the perspective of a sniper. Don’t get me wrong, today the market is filled with realistic military based shooters and some have even allowed experiences where you find yourself playing as a sniper in a ghillie suit behind enemy lines, ala Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, however, not quite like Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

Before our hands-on of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, I always wondered why no one had ever embraced a title geared around the sniper experience this generation. Great graphics, a couple of cool kill shots and enough hype, I mean how hard could it be, right? Well not quite. Walking away from our hands-on with Sniper: Ghost Warrior the answers became perfectly clear as this type of game could not just be thrown together as City Interactive has made us glad we have had to wait this long.

For only $39.99 on the Xbox 360 and $29.99 for PC, City Interactive has developed a bold new shooter that sniper fans will not be able to put down. For starters Sniper: Ghost Warrior utilizes a new game engine known simply as CHROME which has allowed the development team the ability to create significantly lush levels which are filled with vegetation that accurately reacts to natures elements such as the effects of wind and rain.

Underneath all the visual eye candy, City Interactive is creating the most robust sniper experience ever to grace a video game console. Gamers will have the pleasure of playing as an elite sniper approaching objectives with the most utmost attention to stealth for the majority of the game or for what has been stated as 90% of the game. The other 10% of the single-player experience will be playable from the perspective of a spotter. That’s right! Sniper: Ghost Warrior will also be playable as a spotter giving players the ability to call in snipers kill to an AI controlled sniper and trust us, sniper kills have never looked so good.

During our play through we were treated to some awesome bullet-time sniper kills that really added some amazing style to whole experience. The developers took us through a level of the game that again was filled with a beautiful landscape of vegetation and lush backdrops. Our sniper was navigated into position where from about 300 yards two AI controlled soldiers were on patrol, unfortunately for them they were in our way. Playing as the sniper what happened next left us with our mouths wide open looking for the rewind button. You must remember that as a sniper a carefully placed shot isn’t just aim and shoot. Your breathing, the speed of the wind, looking at the way in which the trees and plant-life are blowing and the movement of the enemies must all have a perfect harmony before you pull the trigger, especially if you bump up the difficulty. With calm breathing and a carefully placed shot, our sniper performed a bullet-time double kill with one bullet that was simply unbelievable.

The attention to detail for a game so affordably priced also has us scratching our head. As a sniper your goal primarily is trying not to be seen while completing your objective, however, sometimes you may be spotted and by any means necessary you need to high tail it out the danger zone. Sprinting for cover and laying down fire with your handy side-arm quickly become the next best thing but don’t think you will be able to accurately fire your rifle after sprinting for a certain distance. With your heart rate sky high, controlling your breathing becomes a serious matter. Your heart rate is identified by a heart rate monitor in the upper right hand corner of the screen which is something you will be paying careful attention to.

It was also pointed out that real sniper battlefield strategies should be considered when taken on Sniper: Ghost Warrior. As a sniper you are also given claymores and C4 to get in and out locations and bad situations. Well placed claymores will become your best friend when you’re outnumbered as oftentimes you will be outgunned so going guns blazing will not always be the best way to go about your business.

Then there’s the ever popular multiplayer component. Sniper: Ghost Warriors multiplayer mode will offer up to 12 players online giving online snipers the ability of battling it out across 6 custom maps. City interactive is keeping a tight lid on the games many mulitplayer functions and options, however after our hands-on with the game we were treated to an exciting new multiplayer gameplay trailer which you can check out below.

Sniper Ghost Warrior looks like it has all the bells and whistles of any top-tier military based first person shooter on market; amazing eye candy, high level of detail, great sound and a potentially addictive multiplayer mode at a price point of $39.99 for Xbox 360 and $29.99 for PC. Come June 29 playing as a sniper will in fact be redefined.

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