KANE & LYNCH 2: Dogs Day Demo Impression (Single-Player)

Forget what know about the gameplay experience from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Day is a completely different animal all together.

With a gritty Hollywood cinematic feel mixed with high-octane gunplay taken straight out of HEAT, you know the movie starring Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore, yeah that one, Kane & Lynch 2: Dogs Day has instantly become one of my most anticipated games of 2010.

Kane & Lynch 2 the demo is currently available to all Playstation Plus members via the Playstation Network and from the outset of the demo, IO Interactive throws you right into the action. You literally go from a peaceful meal one second to jumping over the table and quickly getting into cover while bullets are whizzing by your head the next. There are three elements that instantly stick out from our demo playthrough; The cinematic visuals, the intuitive cover system and the intense firefights.

While the game is no pretty picture on a canvas, the art design and lighting effects of the game amazingly comes across as photo-realistic. The level designs are also intricately detailed placing you right into this intense universe. Even though I’ve never stepped foot in Shanghai, IO Interactive has painted a convincing depiction with a lasting impression. Debris is littered throughout the alleyways, natives of Shanghai move and react like real people on the streets while sirens go off in the distance. By going back to play the original game in the series, it seems like the game was developed on last-gen hardware as IO Interactive has pulled out all stops to make Kane & Lynch 2 and memorable experience.

While the cover system is simple and intuitive you are quickly thankful for it. These firefights are INTENSE! Taking cover in Kane & Lynch 2 is as important as pulling the trigger. Taking cover behind wood objects and your cover is quickly torn down, taking cover behind a car and bullet holes riddle the car blowing out all the windows. Self preservation is also thrown into the mix as we found it extremely important to tap the directional pad downward in order to locate weapons and ammo left behind from our enemies.

AI interaction between both Kane and Lynch has also taken a whole new approach making the experience leaps and bounds ahead of the original game. You really feel like the characters.

As many of you know the Kane & Lynch 2 release date has been pushed ahead earlier than expected making it available August 17th in the U.S. and August 20th throughout Europe and other PAL territories. We just wish the game came out even sooner.

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