Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Experiencing Xbox 360 "Storage Problems" – Will Need To Be On 2-Discs

According to CVG, Mercury Steam boss David Cox as made the call to Microsoft for assistance in helping his team overcome the Xbox 360’s DVD storage limitations for the upcoming Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow.

With the PS3 version of the game placed comfortably on one Blu-ray disc, the 360 version of the game will need to be placed on two DVD discs.

Cox stated:  “Microsoft actually sent their tech guys to the studio to see the game and look at [how we’re] compressing it, but they said: ‘Okay, it’s good. You’re doing all you can.’

“I think it’s something Microsoft are going to experience more and more – that they need to help developers overcome the storage problem.”

In addition Cox added: “I mean, each console has it’s own issues [360’s smaller disc capacity and PS3’s slower loading times], but you have to work around them.”

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow has been noted to be over 24 hours in length, however, it has been mentioned that the gameplay will be where the majority of your time is spent, not cut-scenes.

As we draw closer to the inevitable next-gen consoles of tomorrow it will be interesting to see how Microsoft remedies this ever-increasing problem which many developers today are running into with the Xbox 360.

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