Vanquish Demo Blasting It’s Way To Xbox Live August 31

Today SEGA has officially announced that the demo for Vanquish will be available for download at the Playstation Store for your PS3 in the US on August 31st and across Europe on September 1st.

The demo will give players the option to choose one level from the two levels of difficulty (Casual or Normal). Taking on the role of Sam, a United States government agent kitte out with a futuristic ARS battle suit, players are vying for ownership of the planet’s remaining energy resources against Russia on board a huge space station. On entering the third port lobby of the space station, numerous enemy robots are being brought in by dropships.

Players have an array of weaponry and upgrades at their disposal, as well as the ability to hijack these mech like mobile station known as Walkers, or use the suits unique boost and AR mode to take down the robots. The demo climaxes with the formidable boss, Argus which you will need to use all your skills acquired throughout the demo to defeat.

So mark your calendars!

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