Xbox 360 & PS3 Finishing 2010 Closely With Industry Rated Exclusives

At the start of 2010, exclusive software line-ups looked quite different from where we are today. Titles such as SOCOM 4 and Little Big Planet 2 which are PS3 exclusives, were pushed back until 2011 and could have made a nice splash in 2010. Yet it appears Sony is gearing up to offer an amazing year of gaming for 2011 by starting the year off with Killzone 3 in February. Nevertheless, regardless of Sony’s intentions, Microsoft has finished out 2010 with an exclusive offering that has generated a slight review average edge over the PS3’s best of 2010 exclusives.

Based on the current industry reviews taken from Metacritic, the top 5 most recognizable exclusives from the Xbox 360 and PS3 shows a 1% advantage to the Xbox 360 exclusives this year. Current Xbox 360 exclusives such as Mass Effect (96), Halo Reach (91), Splinter Cell: Conviction (85), Alan Wake (83) and Fable III (80) brings the Xbox 360 exclusive overall review percentage to 87%.

Critically acclaimed PS3 exclusives such as God of War III (92), along with MLB 10: The Show (91), Heavy Rain (87), the recently released Gran Turismo 5 (84), and MAG (76) brings this years PS3 top exclusives overall review percentage to 86%.

While both platforms did offer up other console exclusives such as Crackdown 2, Metro 2033 and Limbo for the Xbox 360 and ModNation Racer, Dead Nation and White Knight Chronicles Int’l Edition in the US for the PS3, the before mentioned titles still managed to drive the industry.

The 1% exclusive review edge in favor of the Xbox 360 should not cause too much concern, however, each year has it’s surprises with the beginning of the year always appearing most promising. With that said we should try to hold our final judgment until the end of year.

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  • Jack

    How about Modnation Racers? That one scored higher than MAG, and is a Playstation 3 exclusive that released this year..

  • me

    2 multiplats on the xboxlist. mass effect and splinter cell. so sad

  • pp

    lol ps3 console is for retards…..They are all mouth….. N4G is the place where u will find such a low life (Sony) retards 24/7.
    It’s a open zoo no pass required lol.

  • nino1911

    i would like to point out that most of the xbox exclusive are on the pc…then again thats always done

  • me

    sorry 3 – fable 3

    They’ve picked 5 games for the PS3 which gives an average score of 86%, but if they’d used Modnation instead of MAG, the PS3 would’ve beaten the Xbox 360 by 0.2% with an overall average of 87.2%…wonder why they didnt do that? or even yakuza. fail site

  • HeavY

    So, why was mod nations racer not used? Or Yakuza 3?
    They have an 82-80 rate

  • Liam

    Technically Mass Affect 2 isn’t an exclusive as it’s being released on the PS3 next month, so you’ll have to pick another.

  • Where is mod nation racer

  • Doesn’t it make more sense to include higher-rated exclusives? Both 3D Dot Game Heroes, Yakuza 3, and ModNation Racers scored higher than MAG. Or why didn’t you use Crackdown 2 (70 meta) in the 360 lineup? It just seems to me quite an arbitrary way to compare the two systems, especially since the highest-rated game on the 360’s list is coming to the PS3 in less than 60 days.

  • Liam

    Also this article is all wrong how come Modnation Racers wasn’t included in the top 5 considering it got a metercritic score of 82 which would take it well above the Xbox 360 average.

  • LBDz

    Well the 360 would get a higher score as you have placed 6 Xbox 360 games to 5 PS3 games. ( yet you quote op 5 games )

    Add ” Dead Nation ” 91% beats 360 then. 6 vs 6.

  • Jack you’re absolutely right ModNation Racers did score higher, however this line-up was based on the most played and popular exclusives for the year. Despite MAG receiving an overall lower industry review average, it is still a more recognizable title. Yet ModNation Racers is great!

  • blade

    yur probably a poor xbox faggot. if u can even afford that. The ps3 is not for retards, its for people who just enjoy playing GOOD games. lol

  • Hey Liam,
    For 2010 Mass Effect 2 will only be playable on one console outside of it’s PC counterpart. However, for 2011 you’re absolutely right!

  • LBDz

    It’s a fact that PS3’s games have better rated scoring even if the OP uses ( most played and popular exclusives for the year ).

    Eitherway people, if you want exclusives PS3 is the one to buy as they own all the other consoles in this department.

  • @LBDz
    If you look again you will see that there are only 5 games per. Btw, Dead Nation is a great game we recently reviewed. We opted out of using downloadable titles as to why Limbo was not added to the Xbox 360 list.

  • HeavY

    So, according to what you say, you guys did not pick the best games, but the ones that you think you are most popular?

  • @nino1911,
    There is no denying that fact. By definition an exclusive title is only experienced on a specific platform, however, titles which are only supported on one console and PC are still considered console specific exclusives.
    The upcoming release of DC Universe Online which is only supported on the PS3 console and PC is still a console exclusive title.

  • LBDz

    so it is. sorry.

    eitherway where is the link to show us ( top 5 most recognizable exclusives from the Xbox 360 and PS3 )

  • @LBDz
    Appreciating certain games more on a particular platform is all based on individual preference. Yet, there is no denying the onslaught of PS3 exclusives which have been released this generation. As you know LBDz, due to Sony’s strong 1st party support they have surpassed the competition in offering more AAA titles and we don’t see that trend ending anytime soon.

  • robert

    so your saying that over 40 million people are retards, and im guessing that you dont have a ps3, and you have most likely never played on one, your just assuming that were all retards because we play on the better console and that were not fooled by M$ into thinking that the Xbox 360 is so good, and that Kinect is so good, now im a multi gamer, i play on the Wii, Xbox 360 PS3 and PC, so im a retard am i? I could call you racist. But i will just call you a low-life xbox fan boy, who has no life outside of gaming, and im not a PS3 fan boy, i just play on it more because i think it is better, i still play on the Xbox 360, and you forget that MS only went into the Console market because of the PS1, so you owe Sony for the Xbox. Also i am sure that you have a Sony Product, or you have owned one in the past. Just dont forget that Sony and Microsoft are both good compaines, Microsoft are good at advertising and adding the extra perks, but sony are good at making the starting product and finshing it with the perfection that will make it last. MS rush, Sony wait.

  • WTF

    Not only Limbo in fact. Super Meat Boy just scored a 90+ rank and Plants vs. Zombies also came close.
    The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Dance Central, Toy Soldiers, Puzzle Quest 2, Darwinia+, Snoopy Flying Ace, Lazy Raiders and Alien Breed 3 scored an 80+ average. Why discriminate against downloadable games, especially when the quality nowadays in some of these actually racks up against retail titles.

    Same goes for PS3 obviously: Joe Danger, Sam & Max, The Sly collection, Hustle Kings and Swords & Soldiers are good games and should also count for something.

    So Try again – and no discrimination this time. Let’s see how many 80+ games each system had this year.

  • pp

    Really? Is that all you have?If you are gonna troll at least use a valid argument .The “PS3 is for retards…They are all mouth”. And look at you just saying that with no reason.
    At least say something with evidence.
    Ex:They didn’t count Mod Nation instead of MAG and ME2 is coming to PS3 ,that right there proves the PS3 was superior to the 360 this year(again). And next year the 360 has Gears3 while the PS3 has LBP2,KZ3,SOCOM4,Infamous 2,Twisted Metal,PS Move Heroes,The Last Guardian, Ico Collection,MLB the show, Ressistance3, R&C A41, FF13v and all the other obvious ones like UC3.

  • Dingus

    That’s BS Modnation Racers should’ve been there far more popular than MAG and better scored

  • Darrius

    I can forgive not downloadable titles. But it is unacceptable to judge the top 5 rated games based on the Metacritic score but not use one of the top 5 rated games. It looks as though you picked the games that you had to pick in order to give you the result that you wanted.

    Mod Nation racers is either one of the top 5 PS3 exclusives by Metacritic or it is not. But you can just arbitrarily refuse to include it in a fair comparison.

  • zoe

    You forgot slycooper colledction it was release this year. I guess here come the excuse why you won’t use the slycooper.

  • LBDz

    Each year PS3 gets better with gaming while IMO 360 is stuck in 2008.

  • derp

    lulz fail

  • Long

    i don’t get how crackdown one of 360 biggest tile is more popular than alan awake. Im pretty sure a lot more people heard of crackdown. But if you want to be a hypocrite i guess thats fine with me.

  • Joe

    They are not “exclusive.” If you can play the game on another platform, it is not exclusive. DCU , ME2, SC, and Fable 3 ARE NOT exclusives. Console exclusives is just a term 360 gamers made up in order to make themselves feel better about having very few exclusive games.

  • Mark

    Mass Effect 2 – available on PC and announced for PS3 = not exclusive.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction- available for PC = not exclusive.

    You guys need to do some research, if a game is avaiable on 2 different platforms, how can it be exclusive to one of them? LOL…….this just proves that the 360 is a no – games pile of garbage that isn’t worth owning and 360 fanboys have to count multi – plats as exclusives cause the 360 doesn’t have any!

  • Frank Burns

    I think the article is perfect the way it is. They should not have added Mod Nation because so many people have never even heard of it. The only folks who know what it is are PS3 fanboys.

    I think it was wise to stick to big name games that sold huge. Otherwise we would have to include all the market place games on both sides, all the obscure PS3 titles that may exist only in Japan, and all the obscure low budget titles on 360, due to development costs on PS3, like that sniper game that I dont even remember the name of.

  • Edward

    Honestly, I think Mag is a bad showing considering its an evolving game. Its technically that of a shooter MMO that has been getting steady updates since release to make improvements. I would have personally put Mod Nation Racers in its place considering that LBP was more like the underdog of last year and it exploded.

  • @Frank
    I believe you are referring to Sniper Ghost Warrior.

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