Should The Dead Space Series Be Classified As A Shooter?

The latest horror action series from Visceral Games, now on the cusp of releasing their highly anticipated sequel Dead Space 2, has some gamers convinced that the series can get away with being classified as a shooter. There is no doubt that the first Dead Space filled a gap left vacant this generation from the Resident Evil series. Scary and horrifying with enough originality despite flying under many gamers radar, it certainly earned it’s place as the sleeper hit of 2008.

For those brave souls who were able to press through to the climatic ending, keeping your trigger finger ready for what may jump out at you was the order of business during the original Dead Space. Dismembering Necromophs, accessing more destructible weapons and more ammo and if you were like me you couldn’t have enough ammo. Whether powering up reactors or traversing through zero gravity spaces the majority of your time spent was shooter the crap out of grotesque and mutated humanoids. Due to the games brief yet rewarding puzzles, this mixture added a change of pace different from most standard shooters on the market.

Right along the same gameplay lines of the Resident Evil series, Dead Space doesn’t place the player in a scenario where the AI controlled enemy is primarily engaged in taking you out by shooting at you. And like the original title, Dead Space 2 at it’s core will offer a similar experience, just bigger and hopefully better. Now with the option to engage in intense online multiplayer battle modes, the experience feels reminiscent of the single player campaign where you have Necromorphs on one side facing off against earths special forces where it plays much like playing as Isaac Clark shooting down a barrage of Necros.

Sure you can call the Dead Space series a shooter for the sake of squeezing off a few into the flesh of a few Necromophs, however, at it’s core, I’m of the opinion that Dead Space is a horror, action-adventure, not in the same gameplay complexity of today’s standard shooters.

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  • mero

    If elibits for the wii was called a shooter then deadspace most certainly should be called a shooter.

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