Top 10 Best PS3 Exclusives For 2011

As exhilarating of a year as 2010 delivered on the gaming homefront, it is undoubtedly over and our insatible gaming interest have now moved into the bright possibilities of 2011.

Do exclusive titles really matter that much when there’s tons of promising multiplatform titles in the pipeline? The simple answer is absolutely. Many Playstation 3 exclusives for 2011 have not only perked our interest, these games are increasingly becoming some of our most highly anticipated.

Taking a look at what we consider to be the top 10 best PS3 exclusives heading your way starting in January 2011, there is much to be excited about indeed. After looking at this list, if your list looks a bit different, be sure to list your top PS3 game exclusives for 2011. For the time being here are our top 10 PlayStation 3 exclusives of 2011:


Technically the 4th installment to the franchise, KILLZONE 3 has PS3 shooter fans anxious to the point of ridiculousness in anticipation for what is possibly the most ambitions shooter of 2011. Already sporting face-melting visuals and new improved control mechanics, KILLZONE 3 just can’t release soon enough.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Recently announced as a 11/1/11 release title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has some extremely heavy pressure on it’s shoulders to offer yet another epic adventure that takes the industry by storm. It is almost unfair to even expect Naughty Dog to duplicate the success established with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. However. if any develop can without a doubt deliver the goods, Naughty Dog certainly appears up to the test.

Resistance 3

(Spoiler) Nathan Hale is dead, based on the ending of Resistance 2. Now, Insomniac Games throws you back into the Resistance saddle,  only this time your facing off against the new and improved Chimeran enemy that is looking to offer one of the most ambitious shooter experiences on the PS3. The levels are larger, weapons splatter the enemy entrials all ove rthe place and new enemy types offer more variety. Ahh..yeah, this might better than we expect.

Little Big Planet 2


The Last Guardian

Motorstorm Apocalypse


Twisted Metal

Yakuza 4

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