Holiday Must Have Game Reviews: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Where do I begin? For any PS3 owner this game is one of the best reasons to own the system. If you missed out on playing the first Uncharted this is the big fish you don’t want to let get away. Fortunately for you it’s available in two flavors the release version should still be on store shelves at least pre-owned for a reduced price, while the game of the year edition is available with all the add-ons included for around $50 bucks.

Sight (Visuals) – First of all this is a beautiful game from it’s great level design, animations, lighting, & so much more. With all the hoopla about first-person games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc it’s good to see a developer bring back that 3rd person perspective with a vengeance. This perspective allows you to enjoy the visual detail of your characters intricate movements merging into the in-game cinematics. Another plus is the flow of the entire game including FMV, it’s like your playing a movie. For me that movie would be Bruce Willis’ Die Hard.

Sight (Visuals) Score – 9

Sound (Audio) – The orchestrated music is tailor made for the game like a summer blockbuster movie while the dialog is fun and witty leaving you wanting more. All the sounds are in their place from the gunfights to the environments.

Sound (Audio) – 10

Touch (Gameplay) – Uncharted 2 is not a hard game to get a handle on even if you did not play Uncharted. The mechanics have actually improved over the first one making it simpler to throw grenades and take cover. Unlike a lot of games with good potential ruined by the camera Uncharted 2 does not have that problem. Normally the camera would be something to do with the visuals, however I included in the gameplay because I detest solid gameplay that’s hampered by the camera.

Touch (Gameplay) – 9.5

Taste (Replay) – With an enjoyable 8-10+ hour single player mode, multiple difficulties, unlockables, treasures to collect, & of course trophies to earn. Uncharted 2 has plenty of reasons to replay through more than once. Now when all is said and done Uncharted 2 came packed with a solid multiplayer online mode that is still flourishing even after a year of it’s release.

Taste (Replay) – 9

Smell (Overall Value) -You can’t go wrong picking this title up for the holiday season. It’s even possible to find the game available to choose from in certain bundles stores are currently carrying. If you are looking for a game to show off one of the reasons for your PS3 purchase this is it.

Smell (Overall Value) – 10

Overall Score-9.5

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