Kinect: Microsoft’s Only Hardcore Gaming Option For 2011?

Can it now be considered official that the majority of the 2011 software line-up for Xbox 360 users will consist largely of unproven Kinect gaming options based on the recent comments taken from Microsoft’s director of Xbox and Entertainment for the UK, Stephen McGillor;

“As for the future, we’ve got a brilliant line-up for 2011 but it’s ultimately all about Kinect. Kinect is going to blow people’s minds. They’re [already] buying it, but we’ve got a line-up of Kinect games that will blow people away.” – CVG

So, can we assume that Microsoft has double dipped on the consumer by introducing a new integrated console so to speak (Kinect) by promising a great line-up for the immediate future? Of course we don’t want to paint a negative image by no means, however, it does appear Kinect is Microsoft’s answer to both Sony and Nintendo’s robust 1st party offerings.

There is no need for a list of software exclusives from Microsoft’s immediate competitor. By now hundreds of 2011 PS3 exclusive lists have been spread across the internet. Yet, despite the promising list of Xbox 360 exclusive of 2011, the future is unknown for millions of hardcore Xbox 360 users as the majority of the names are new IP’s where Kinect is needed for the experience.

Are Xbox 360 users being forced to purchase the Kinect in order to have great gaming experience in 2011 that as Microsoft has stated “will blow people away”? For some there is great concern that while 2011 will introduce highly anticipated and proven exclusives like Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, they might have to drop $149.99 on Kinect just to stay current with the gaming options the Xbox 360/Kinect experience may be offering.

One thing is certain, Microsoft is not playing about Kinect. You can expect them to come out swinging for the fence with tons of titles to support their new peripheral. As far as trying to compare console exclusives for 2011, hardcore Xbox 360 users can more than likely hang their hat on the strong possibility that while the competition flaunts their AAA 1st party exclusives throughout the new year, Microsoft’s answer will come in the form of Kinect titles and maybe Microsoft knows something we don’t. We certainly hope so.

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  • dsf

    kinect isnt hardcore, wtf its worse than wii. there is no future in 360

  • jagofficer

    Please let this motion fad die like HD-DVD

  • doa766

    this is not news, the last E3 made it clear that MS gave up on tyring to compete with Sony with real games and they decided to dump their core base for Kinectmal and Dance Central

    from now on, MS will try to change the definition of what we know as “hardcore games” just so they can say kinect has them with it doesn’t, just like they tried to change what “exclusive” means because most of their games are multiplatforms because of the PC versions

  • ManAnimalX

    lolol kinect is a complete joke. Dont be fooled by anything microsoft and there media cronies say, they’ve abandoned the hardcore all by design. The Gaming Industry is just like any other business sector. Its all about control and consolidation/the centralization of all facets of your life experience, they know most hardcore gamers have or will have a ps3 and will play it. what they really want for gaiming is just one console, thats there ultimate goal, there are no accidents. what most peeps fail to understand is just like in politics, there really is only ONE SIDE(Republicans/democrats), Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft. Its all about controling your gaming experience and making it cheaper for them, lol. Have you noticed that if ON-LIVE becomes a success, that would directly compete with the big 3, yet they only speak in glowing terms regarding it, why you ask? because they want 1CONSOLE, all on-line, no physical product, which means your paying for virtual, and they CONTROL IT and YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE. lol

  • Mugo70

    Lol, all the comments are from PS3 fanboys. You know, you should really see what the developers are capable of. Haven’t you seen the Kinect hacks so far? They are pretty awesome and I am sure MS is keeping an eye on them. You thinks core games are only FPS, well, this is not true. What about RTS with Kinect? Hell, can’t you wait for a while? I mean, you thought that waiting was a bad choice with the Move and look at the result: it is getting raped by Kinect. You are all just jealous because you copied Nintendo, while Microsoft inniovated (and shut the hell about you PSEye. Do you own one of those? No. No one does)

  • Agreed..Kinect’s precisions seems fine with games like Zumba Fitness, and Your Shaped Fitness Evolved, but I’m a bit skeptical about how that will play into shooters like GOW3.

  • quanloco

    Wow listen to all the ps3 fanboy losers crying a river. Just because move is getting bitch slapped all u ps3 robots don’t need to be in denial.

  • No do not let KINECT die out like the HD-DVD, because HD-DVD was the better format than Blurray, The only reason Blurray won was because of the PS3, HD-DVD players were internet ready out of the box, BD Live ready out of the box. It took a year and half before Blurray players were BD ready. Innovation is key to moving forward in all industry. The Kinect is at the begining of something new and we must allow it time to improve and set a new standard in communication and leisure. For gaming it may take time for hardcore games to be developed and release, other functions of this device is perfection. Just imagine a father having to work on a oil rig somewhere and want to see and chat to there family or grandparents wanting to see and chat to there love ones, this is the perfect tool. I work in the video conference industry and when i tell that on my desk i have £15,000 system just for conferencing and it the same technology in the Kinect as the fraction of the cost. Video chat and Entertainment is the future, imbrace it.

  • Just to add that the Eyetoy was developed by Saru, based on PC webcam, the Kinect innovate by adding voice command motion body tracking. This device will kick so ass when more software is made availble. RTS MMOS etc, this is just the begining. I’m so looking forward to E3 2011. EA Fightnight is going to get everyone fit. This device combined with perfect software, parent won’t have were too much about the kid sitting round playing games any more will they.

  • Ilke the way say the Wii and not mention the MOVE, which tells me that you have blinks on, that all you can see is what’s in front of you. Wii has a marketplace that is kicking the living shit out of the PS3 and the 360, the marketplace these two companies need, Sony needs it more because MS has taken a very large chunk out Sony’s market share and this is just there second Console. How many Wii’s are in homes to date, and more that all the hardcore games. Kinect is will be hardcore by next year EA Sports 2K/Activison Sport Sega Sports, RTS MMO Sega House of the dead, Kinect Dead Rising. There is alot to come this is just the begining.

  • Let’s wait and see what happens

  • jimbob

    true but the thing is it feels as though microsoft are trying to force us in to buying kinect its not a good idea not all gamers want to prat about jumping up and down infront of a bloody tv microsoft just being greedy bastards as usual.i love the xbox 360 but this is not a good move.the hard core gamers are being told that we have to have it and thats not right

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