Modern Combat: Domination Better Than The $60 Shooter? (Gameplay Video Inside) – Updated!

Modern Combat: Domination is now available across the Playstation Network and currently we’re here in the office taking the game for a spin. The game is only $7.99 and compatible with both the Dualshock 3 controller and Playstation Move. Modern Combat Domination comes with 5 maps 6 game types and 2 factions to explore.

With up to 16 players, 8 on 8 battles we’re certainly having fun with the game so far. There are some gameplay elements to get used to however, such as the slightly slow weapon switch and reload mechanics, but this is nitpicking seeing as the game only 8 bucks. We were getting owned when we first starting out playing as we needed to used to the maps and feel for the game. However, you will quickly get used to everything going on as the experience is standard fare multiplayer goodness. As you rank up by racking up kills and winning matches, you’re rewarded with hard currency where you can unlock better equipment, optics and so on.

If you’re used to the Modern Warfare controls then you will be right at home. Again we are surprised at how well the game plays for only $8 in comparison to other $60 shooters and so far the game is well worth the price of admission. We’ll have our full written review for you all in a few days after we’ve dissected the game further.

Gameplay from MegaBreeze3

The Hideouts
Soliks and Sandstorm

Special Forces

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  • Foodforthought

    There’s actually 6 game modes.

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  • You’re absolutely right, there is actually 6 game modes instead of the 3 modes mentioned in our write-up.

  • John

    Fix your mistake!! Makes u look like an idiot!!

  • Don

    Game does take a little getting used to if you play the COD multiplayer series, including the newer Black Ops release. Action is a little slower, which for me was more enjoyable compared to the frenzied pace you need to play COD just just to stay even on the Kill/Death ratio. Gameloft packs in a lot of value for $8. I plan to play this game quite a bit, at least until Killzone 3 rolls out …

  • sam

    Good shooter , I bought the full version for that price

  • jeremy

    THIS GAME SUCKS BALLS, NO ONE BUY IT OR EVEN WASTE YOURE TIME WITH THE DEMO THE MOVE CONTROLS ARE SLOPPY. All of the prevous comments are from the people who made the game.
    play MAG


    i cant black ops so

  • I pretty much only play Shooters so I can safely say that this game is an awesome choice for just $8. controls are a bit slow even with the sensitivity up all the way but again the game is only $8. I recommend it as a nice change of pace to games like Killzone, Socom, and CoD. Great game and very much worth the price.

  • deshawn

    THIS GAME IS A STEAL AT 8$, controls will be a lil slow for players who play COD.

  • brian

    This game is so worth $8, its very easy to pick up and play. Reminds me of counter strike. The small maps and only 8 on 8 opposition makes the game well worth playing and for only $8 you can’t complain about the small bugs, in the future I hope to see more maps, but gameloft please continue to keep it simple.

  • jeff

    u crazy! 1 mag is crazy i mean u look to ur left boom ur dead u look to ur right boom ur dead anyway its 7.99$ for that price its good enough to play

  • Bob

    The game is worth the money. Nowhere near as slick as black ops but definatly worth a look. Don’t listen to Jeremy, its probably cos that he sucks at FPSs, he can’t work out the controls….and that his mommy doesn’t love him.

  • jeremy

    ill kick ur ass u got ps3?

  • Luke

    you’re stupid.

    As if the people at gameloft spend their time going on reviews and making good comments about their own game.


    How about this?: modern combat is a good game. especially for 8$. Besides, mag is a crappy game. the 256 player count is a gimmick, the graphics are meh, the gameplay is meh, the entire videogame is meh. and it costs more than 7 times what modern combat costs.

    I made you look retarded.

    It didnt take much work.

  • Coops

    I’m pretty sure he does, but he has something else that you don’t; an education.

  • Phr34K

    Love the way “jeremy” is already getting his manners handed to himself through messages in here.

  • teh lolz


  • Scott S.


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