MegaBreez3 Becomes The Newest Member Of GameInsider

The team here at GameInsider is proud to announce the newest member of our illustrious clan of insane gamers, Mr. Corey Shaw or some of you may know him better as MegaBreez3 from his popular youtube channel. Corey is an avid gaming professional from the state Texas by way his hometown in Michigan and has been a passionate gamer since he can remember. Bringing a wealth of gaming knowledge and industry experience, along with a savage trail of multiplayer victims in whatever game he decide to master (this guy love Black Ops), Mr. Shaw will be quite the regular for you gamers looking for hardcore tips and skill sets in addition to giving you all some cool video updates and industry insight.

Here, we’ll let MegaBreez3 briefly give a reflection of how he got started in gaming and why he thinks there is nothing more entertaining. (All while he registers 41 kills & 8 deaths in Black Ops – ridiculous!!)

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  • Mike Hopz

    yoooo i know this dude!


  • parag0n

    Good stuff man, congratulations! Always sneezing lol

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