Halo: Combat Evolved Getting The 1080p Remake Treatment – Confirmed!

The rumored Halo Combat Evolved remake is in fact not a rumor anymore. The iconic and revolutionary shooter that ushered in console shooters as we know them today is not only making a comeback with remastered visuals, it is being remade from the ground up. Utilizing the REACH
engine, Halo: Combat Evolved is certainly on the way with no Bungie in sight.

Sources explain this new re-release project is being headed up by New Jersey based Saber interactive, known for games such as TimeShift and the upcoming Inversion title.

Halo: Combat Evolved will support 1080p resolution and stereoscopic 3D. No details on the games multiplayer offerings, however like Halo REACH, you should expect online and offline co-op.

All signs are pointing at a November 15 release marking the franchises 10th year anniversary alongside the original Xbox. This should make for a classic holiday gift surprise.

Thanks Joystiq

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