Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo Impression

Sony has just released their single-player demo of Killzone 3 exclusively to their Playstation Plus members, given them a taste of what’s in store come February 22nd in the US when their up close and personal intense action shooter is unleashed on the masses.

This latest demo can be played on three of the games four difficulty levels, Recruit, Trooper, and Veteran with the remaining Elite difficulty unplayable. Players can also take the demo for a spin in spilt-screen co-op which indeed does add to the buddy experience.

From the outset of the demo you play as the skilled ISA soldier Sgt. Sevchenko. Atop an intruder gun ship with mounted gun turret in hand. you and your ISA comrades rain hell fire from the skies as this demo wastes no time throwing you right in the middle of the action. With the sea raging below this initial set piece is marinated in carnage. Helghast soldiers are sitting ducks as they try and muster as assault which quickly turns into target practice for the invading ISA forces who have an aerial advantage.

After taking out the remaining dropships trying to escape the onslaught your intruder is eventually shot down giving the player their first opportunity for some FPS guerrilla warfare. In an attempt
to rescue Col. Narville, Sev and Rico fight their way from cover to cover in order to disable the Helghasts impenetrable defensive AA guns. Of course, by this point in the demo, your senses have been exploding by such eye popping visuals that it’s hard not pay attention to all the meticulous nuances piercing your brain, despite the intense gunplay and brutal melee attacks at your disposal.

Each step your character takes leaves impressions in the snow while each exploding grenade gives off a realistic sound effect of imploding snow with the remains of mini craters. These and many other graphical details truly marinate the player into the experience

For the Killzone veterans who has tackled the Killzone 2 single-player campaign, you will quickly notice the attention to detail placed on the games infamous control scheme. Not only is it a quick learn to wield your character, allowing for a more accessible experience for players new to series seems to be an order of business which has been nailed by Guerrilla Games. Nevertheless, the feel of the gunplay manages not to lose the essence of what make the Killzone experience so unique.

Still sporting a sense of weight with every movement of your character, this is a Killzone game through and through. Weapons have better accuracy this time around while maintaining their aggressive nature from the games predecessor. During multiple play-throughs of the demo, pulling the trigger is fun and quite addicting. Much like Killzone 2, the hit detection is some of the best in the business creating an impressive sense of immersion with every shot.

Eventually you are introduced to the much talked about jetpack which blends seamlessly into the gunplay experience. Maneuvering with the jetpack is truly effortless. With the ability to switch from your jetpack weapon to your primary weapon or your side arm with varied platforms to reach, makes for a great time while lending well at revisiting these levels later to try new ways to attack the Helghast. Later on in the demo you are introduce to the WASP, the punishing new rocket launcher which fires multiple explosive projectiles at its target leaving behind a debris of wreckage.

Closing out the demo, Sev and Rico do some serious bodily harm to a few Helghast soldiers trying to secure a position which in turn cuts to the popular “Justice” trailer, making the ride brief but that much more irresistible.

Complimenting all the action, Guerrilla Games implements both realtime gameplay with in-game action-cut-scenes that oozes with Hollywood blockbuster quality and gathering that this demo only scratches the surface of what awaits players with the full single-player experience along with the addicting multiplayer, shooter fans are certainly in for an amazing first person shooter experience.

We can’t wait!

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  • chris

    the only problem is that the demo is only available to ps3 plus members, so i wont be getting it.

  • Come February 16th everyone on Playstation Network will get a chance to play the new demo. Chris after you play the demo be sure to give us your thoughts. If you’ve been playing the open beta which is now available to everyone across PSN give us your thoughts.

  • rob

    make a hong kong psn account, you can have it today

  • Chris, Rob is exactly right, go to this link

    Here the Examiner gives a step by step of what to do. Good Luck!

  • Andrew

    I thought the whole hong kong account idea was ridiculous but only takes a minute and is completely worth it!

  • dylan

    you can if u make a hong kong account i did it to day the single player demo is in english too

  • Jack

    You don’t have to be PlayStation Plus member to play the demo where did you get that idea or are you purposely spreading disinfo?

    I am not a Plus member and demo works fine.

  • Hugo Castro

    I played the demo and it’s a blast. I hope everyone enjoy it as much as I did. Pure action. Enter directly to my top 5 games of all time.

    The MP beta feels like it’s a final product. No bugs, no lag. Just perfect. Need more maps though! 😀

  • Once the game is released you’ll be able to battle it out online across 8 multiplayer maps. All different offering a new perspective of battlefield combat. If you’re enjoying the beta, you’re indeed in for a surprise.

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  • I think itz smooth az eggz. (Nice work) -VNG-,-Beast Mode Shawty-

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