Gabe Newell Worth More Than Two Billion According To Forbes

Recently profiled by Forbes, Gabe Newell, the head honcho at Valve has somewhat quietly (well not that quietly) taking his Half-Life developing studio and engineered a financial juggernaut which as he states; is tremendously profitable and that, per employee, the firm is more profitable than Google and Apple.

Forbes reports:
“Various sources value the company (VALVE) at $2 billion to $4 billion, which is reasonable, considering the $4 billion to $6 billion valuations being put on Zynga, the maker of Facebook game hits FarmVille and Cafe World. Newell owns more than half of the business, making the Harvard dropout a near billionaire, if not one already.”

O.k., don’t read in to this thinking you can cut your own financial slice of the billionaire or even millionaire pie without acquiring your degree. While many people have accomplished this financial milestone without having a degree, please understand that Mr. Newell may have dropped out of Harvard at one point in his life however, the man does have his degree and has worked his tail off. Gabe Newell is nothing short of brilliant, as EA CEO John Riccitiello has expressed;

“I think Gabe is brilliant. He’s one of the smartest people I know… He has some sharp insights for what makes good games and for what’s around the corner in technology.”

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