Madden NFL Exclusivity Extended through 2013

Are the football gods hell bent on torturing NFL 2K fans until the end of time? Well, not exactly, only until 2013 according to latest EA reports. EA and NFL have again agreed upon mutual terms that will extend the exclusivity rights to license league team names, uniforms and logos for use in the Madden NFL franchise. Previously due to run until 2012, fans hoping to embrace other football franchises to give the Madden series a run for it’s money will have to wiat until 2013.

It will be interesting to see how EA handles the NFL strike which has the potential of cancelling the 2012 season and trust me, EA doesn’t want that.

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  • Kevin M. Broden

    Can someone say monopoly?

  • Kev exactly! EA knows that as long as they can keep the NFL license cornered they’ll keep raking in the almighty $$. Without this their #1 franchise would face stiff competition from 2K. We all know what happened last year with the cancellation of NBA Elite 11.

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