THQ Not Expecting Next-Gen Consoles Anytime Soon

Ever wonder when we’ll start seeing prototype next-gen consoles hitting the internet? Probably not as soon as we expect. Recently, THQ CEO Brian Farrell stated they aren’t expecting any new consoles from the manufacturing giants, Sony or Microsoft anytime soon.

“We don’t expect new hardware any time soon from either Microsoft or Sony. It’s difficult on Nintendo – we’ll let them announce their new hardware.

“What we like about now is we’ve put most of our capital behind the 360 and PS3 for the next couple of years and that’s where we think the action’s going to be. So between those two platforms on the core side and the uDraw for us on the causal side, that’s how we think we’re going to make money.”

An unfortunate trend which has shown it’s ugly head with each console generation is the cost increase of software. With new games currently positioned at $60 a pop, we can only image where software cost will take us if the development costs continue to increase with introduction of new hardware. The idea of games potentially reaching $70 to $80 has this writer quite satisfied with where we are today.

Let’s stay with our current consoles a bit longer shall we.

Thanks VG247

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