Battlefield 3 New Gameplay Footage Rivaling Killzone 3 In A Major Way

Now before I declare Battlefield 3 the best looking shooter ever to grace a console, I will digress as the game is still in the alpha stages of development and I just can’t bring myself to fully embracing this thought just yet. However, after witnessing what DICE has in store in their latest gameplay footage, it’s almost unthinkable that a multiplatform title could look this realistic.

PS3 faithful as it stand today, there is no question Killzone 3 is the most visually impressive shooter to ever hit the market, no argument there, but if we are to believe Battlefield 3 will look, sound and play according to this footage below or better at launch, then Killzone 3’s technical reign of splendor may very well end 11/11/11. Oh and this game will also be running like this on the Xbox 360.

And someone said we should jump into the next generation of consoles, yeah right.

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