Battlefield 3 The New Graphical Powerhouse

Killzone 3 with all of it’s technical prowess has with much certainty taken the shooter genre to a whole new level. When it comes to eye-popping visuals, the game has no equal among it’s peers. Yet, as one achievement is reached it seems more and more frequent we are introduced to newer more advance milestones which stretch our imagination even further.

By now most will have seen the latest Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer which boasts a near photo-realistic glimpse into the new EA/DICE military shooter. Eyeballing this new footage brings about a reminiscence of excitement once fostered by the infamous 2005 Killzone 2 target render, only this time the game is truly gameplay based on the footage insert “actual gameplay footage based on pre-alpha software“.

From the realistic lighting and vibrant sun rays which warm the screen, to the movement of the AI controlled characters, this appears to have the making of a next generation shooter which we’ll be able to experience across today’s consoles and based on the confidence EA is showing, it appears the planets might also be aligning in their favor.

When most developer and publishers would abort the idea of launching their games during the same release window of any Call of Duty title after the initial success of Modern Warfare, EA has expressed much confidence in Battlefield 3. Going as far as issuing statements targeted straight at Activision’s Call of Duty series, even more confident EA also believes Battlefield 3 will inevitably become the 2011 game of the year when this year is all said and done.

This writer would venture to say, if CNN took the last 30 seconds of the the latest Battlefield 3 footage and reported it as a real-life scenario, it would undoubtedly be assumed as REAL. The notion that the Xbox 360 has been tapped out does raise an eyebrow when seeing this latest Battlefield 3 footage. Will the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 actually look this good? Only time will tell. If so, there could be a rather sizable tarnish on the argument concerning the graphical superiority of PS3 exclusives. Battlefield 3 could very well be the game that the Xbox 360 faithful are justified by in the graphics department.

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  • BF3 takes the cake, eats it, then gives it back to every other game I’ve seen graphically. The signature sound of the weapons, dialogue/banter of the soldiers, and kick of the weapons are signature DICE trademarks by this point.

    It should be interesting to see how MW3 stacks against this monster. My money is on BF3 in every area.

  • Dolittle

    The graphical prowess lays in the hands of the developer. Sony seems to have better support when it comes to first party publishing, therefor their exclusives look fantastic. Microsoft on the other hand really hasn’t had a chance to showcase anything comparable.

    This is where Battlefield 3 comes in. I believe DICE will prove to the world that the Xbox 360 is not yet tapped out, and will in fact quiet the fanboys.

    Killzone 3 looks great, but doesn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

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