Move Outsells Kinect In Japan

According to data from Media Create market report, the Playstation Move has been flexing its muscle as sales figures show a 2:1 advantage over Microsoft’s Kinect device in Japan. Closing out the end of 2010 and some 90,000 Kinect devises were sold in Japan however, the Move managed to move (no pun intended) 170,000 unit to end out 2010 in Japan.

Nevertheless, Microsoft managed to push over 8 million Kinect devices in only its first 60 days on the market with well over 10 million sold today, not too shabby to say the least.

Thanks Andriasang

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  • Kevin M. Broden

    Why is this even news? Um…last I checked PS3 has at least a 4:1 sales advantage in Japan. I mean this was literally a pointless story.

  • Hey Kev,
    Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s Kinect device despite the lackluster Xbox 360 sales throughout Japan this generation has been able to grab significant marketshare in Japan and in fact push 360 console sales. The point of this update was to show that there is in fact a worldwide race in the accessories department (Kinect/Move) that extends beyond the US.

  • Kevin M. Broden

    I understand where you are coming from, but seriously, say kinect did boost the sales of the 360 in Japan. I’m thinking at best the 90,000 sold was probably to every 360 owner in Japan. So it still meant nothing.

  • Lol! The 90,000 sold was hilarious. I do see your point however, I believe Microsoft understands the significance of being present or in attendance worldwide. Meaning, as long as their brand continues it’s strong worldwide marketshare presence which they have established with the Xbox 360 in regions like Europe, Australia and of course their insane popularity in the US, why not grab what you can in Japan. You’re not losing by offering your system in Japan despite it’s lackluster penetration. It’s better to be available than not at all. Now with Kinect and all of it’s vast potential, next generation Microsoft could just as well experience a turnaround in Japan. In my finite opinion, Microsoft should continue to slowly chip away at the Japanese market. Before you know it Microsoft’s presence will be felt.

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