God of War 4: Kratos Returns September 2012?

By the God’s of Olympus whom I have utterly destroyed, should I, Kratos, yet again bring about an apocalypse no gamer has yet to experience?

All signs are pointing at the strong possibility of our favorite anti-hero, Kratos making his triumphant return in God Of War 4 in 2012. I’m getting goose bumps just typing this stuff.

According to the latest UK publication, PSM3, claims have been made that God Of War 4 from Sony Santa Monica Studios is currently in the works on Kratos’ next big adventure with a release window of September 2012.

“PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012,” the magazine writes.

With the current momentum from Sony software exclusives throughout 2011, the anticipation for one of the most popular franchises in the Playstation camp bolds well for a continuation of stellar software for the Playstation faithful. Stay on the inside as we hear hear more on God of War 4.

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  • John

    Gow of War 4 is when kratos wakes up and realizes that the first 3 games was only just a dream, and that his wife and daughter werent really dead. and you replay the battle of the barbarian king but you own him without the help of ares since you know how that turns out. http://godofwarsource.com/

  • Thanks for adding the link. Despite the lack of official updates from Sony Santa Monica, the result of the link features a cool assortment of God of War content that a fan of the series can only respect.

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